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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Everyone needs a break from everyday routine :):).I really enjoyed few days of my holidays, sitting on the beach, or by the pool. I managed to do few sketches, not to many though, as it was very hard to sketch when its so hot outside. Anyway here is few of them.

After holidays I decided to finish the portrait, of me and my boyfriend. I love this one because, it means so much to me. From December, there will 3 of us, now. Little Milo our first baby, will be the best Christmas present ever <3.

Wróciłam niedawno z wakacji, było pięknie i słonecznie, ponieważ nie da się rysować w takim upale, wrzucam  tylko jeden szkic. Skończyłam także ilustrację naszej małej rodziny. W grudniu będzie nas więcej :) <3<3